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Cue the music... [29 Dec 2006|03:15pm]

This community has been slightly dead and I have some quotes that I want to list off before I forget them... so feel free to add anything  =)

Radi: ... Indeed.
Chartrond: *pause* You sounds exactly like my son when you said that.
Radi: Is that a bad thing? Cause I'm assuming that you love your son...

Anne: So, are you actually going to teach us something today?
Chartrond: Excuse me? Are you implying that I never teach you anything?
Anne: Well, no but we haven't been doing much these past couple of days. You even said so yourself... You're going to murder me aren't you?
Chartrond: ... That's right.
Anne: Well, bring it.
Chartrond: Oh! Bringing out the fighting words now aren't you?
Anne:... I should really bring my grades up before I start that, shouldn't I?
Chartrond: I think that would be a wonderful idea.

Anne: *after returning Morgan's bag to her* You're a moron Dan.
Pall: He's not a moron! Who are you?
Anne: The ex-girlfriend, so I can say whatever I want.
Pall: *pulls Morgan to her side* I think... (dramatic pause) that the stars come out and shine because of Daniel.

Advertisment: You think Terry Fox is great? That sucker quit! Vote for Alexander Graham Bell!
Alexander Graham Bell: I am waiting for yooooouuuu!
....moments later
Andrew's Cellphone: *plays bagpipe music*
Class: *confusion abound*....*burst out laughing*
Leach: ANDREW! *shakes head and holds out hand*
Andrew: Continues looking for cellphone...
Leach: That is the more horrible ringtone I have ever heard! Who would be calling you in the middle of class?
Aidan: Alexander Graham Bell!

Kinda lame but hey. Correct me for any of these if I'm wrong.
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[15 Nov 2006|09:36pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I keep seeing on Cougar Vision that we have to give someone a $40 deposit to guarantee a prom ticket. My question is... my boyfriend is going to be my prom date, so does that mean that I have to make an $80 deposit? I've missed a fair bit of school from being sick, so I've probably missed a lot of info about senior stuff.


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She laced her perfume up with death. [14 Nov 2006|03:18am]

[ mood | groggy ]

Is anything thinking of taking advantage of the The 30 Days of Threadless $10 Holiday Sale?

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Academic Prep Period is to spare as Ottawa U Day is to... [17 Oct 2006|10:03pm]

So for statistics and placating of guilt complex reasons, who here is actually skipping Ottawa U Day? And by skipping I mean not showing up to school, whether you're actually going to be a keener *coughlosercough* and go to Ottawa U is irrelevant... *grins*
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HL Math Investigation [30 Sep 2006|08:53pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Is anybody else having trouble getting their calculator screenshot onto the computer? I have a TI-84 Plus, and when I do the screen capture, I just get a blank image. I even upgrated the operating system and such.

I found some very poor PC program to do the graphs here. But I'd much prefer getting my calculator in order.

I think this would also be a nice place to discuss other investigation related stuff such as what to write in the investigation.

I'm thinking its important to define in what cases the quartic will actually be a "W" shape. (f"(x) the discriminant has to be bigger than 0..?) And just provide some "W" shapes looking down, etc. And tryyy to present it in a general form.

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You already know. . .// [30 Sep 2006|07:09pm]

For all the peoples of CPW 4U. . .

What's the due date for our first assignment?

Please & thank you.
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[30 Sep 2006|04:21pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

if anyone knows anything at all about the "Cheer team" list that was posted yesterday, or knows anyone who would know, please please please let me know...

gen was supposed to check it for me, but she ended up not going...so now i have no idea if i made it or not, and there's a practice monday morning at 7:30...

or, if anyone is, for some reason, going to the school, or who loves me enough to go down there and check, to please please please check the list that should be posted on Rm 133.

or if you know ms. clarke's first name, so i can email her and ask.


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[30 Sep 2006|12:26am]

i'll give 100 bucks to the HL math kid who can find the lengths of PQ and RS in the general proof in some sensible form. *head explodes* mine has all sorts of (phi - 1)^2 and 1/144ths. it's not pretty.
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[29 Sep 2006|09:28pm]

Hey ~

John McCrae is host of this year's SATs so if your thinking on taking it, don't forget to visit me ^_____________^

Miss you all
- Meng
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ontario scholarships. pee your pants now! [20 Sep 2006|09:05pm]

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Since I know some of you are fans. . . [17 Sep 2006|03:32pm]

[ mood | working ]

. . . you probably already know but it doesn't hurt to be reminded. .

The New Pornographers are playing the Capitol Theatre @ 20:00 on October 9th. That would be on a Monday.

Anyways, just felt like spreading the news in case some of you were interested in going to see them. Later days.

[17 Sep 2006|11:32am]

Great big shit balls of fire. So I'm going over my ToK essay and then I realize that I included the quotes in the word count. Is this something we're supposed to do or not? Anyone who can let me know, it would be appreciated.
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Eep! I need help for my EE! [16 Sep 2006|01:29pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Yeahh it's still a bit late to do research and stuff, but I need to get started, right? Anyway, I'm doing my extended essay on Louise Bourgeois' sculpture, Maman. You all know about it; many of you did that silly TOK summer art assignment and had to answer questions about it. Well anyway, I need to know about how people felt about the sculpture when it first came out in May 2005, and I'd also like to know how you feel about it now. So yeah, I have a little questionnaire with a few questions. It would mean so much to me (see, I even used bold!) if you guys can fill it out the best you can (meaning no silly answers! Full sentences, good spelling, etc. I'm perfectly serious; less corrective work for me to do. Plus it makes you sound cooler). It shouldn't take long at all. All I need is your honest opinions!

On with the survey!Collapse )

Sorry if the questions sound too much like the ones we had to answer for that TOK assignment >

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[10 Sep 2006|06:16pm]

Carleton trip

This is from mr. B himself: get on bus at 9:10, leave around 9:15. Meet at the coffee break place around 9:40. there will be a roll call.

Part time job

Teresa has said that she wants to hire another casual worker. You'd be looking at Saturday mornings and maybe Sundays (since I'm busy Saturday mornings and we need someone for Sundays anyway). depending on the week/how busy it is, around 4-6 hours a week. Casual. Have to be bilingual and can work with kids. Either way, drop your resume off at 1999 St. Joseph (Hand Painted). M'looking at you, Anne =P


For those who care, CB emails are first.last@ocdsb.ca now (they just changed it, I think) instead of first_last@ocdsb.edu.on.ca. Saves you a couple of bounced emails =P
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[07 Sep 2006|05:16pm]

Forgive me for posting too much but much love to amazing_bobby on her 17th birthday :)
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[01 Sep 2006|04:02pm]

[ mood | working ]

Any out there who's willing to read over a last-minute, rewritten ToK essay (when I'm done)?

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IMPORTANT! [02 Aug 2006|11:00am]

[ mood | blank ]

In typical Anne fashion I have lost the EE package that Mr. B gave us. If any ex-ibers still have their copy, may I have it please? It would be much appreciated.

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[22 Jul 2006|01:09am]

[ mood | amused ]

For those of you who like costumes and shiny things!
There's this neato fair coming up called the Lumiere Festival!  From what I can gather from the ladies who came to Fabricland, it's this huge outdoor fair with a shitload of lanterns and people dressing up in costumes.  They'll also have performers like fire breathers and such.  It's also reccomended that everyone that attends dresses up in one of the themed costumes, or as the widely accepted faerie.  The themes are underwater, space, and Alice in Wonderland!
I'm totally going as Alice...Shay's being an octopus ^^

August 12th, 6-11pm
Stanley Park in New Edinburgh
even tho the website kinda scares me and doesnt seem that cool.

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[19 Jul 2006|07:08pm]

2007 IB examination schedule, kiddies.

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PotC 2! [09 Jul 2006|11:06pm]

as the title says, Pirates 2.

so the tentative date to see that movie is next Sunday (the 16th) in the evening at Silvercity at Gloucester. The times are 5:30, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:30. Since many of us work, I'm guessing the last two are out of the picture, so 5:30, 7, or 8.

Let me know which one you people prefer, and whether it's just dinner, or dinner + movie, or whatever the hell you guys want to do. so far the people interested/able to come are Ben, Alicia, Eric, and Kim. any other takers?
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