Phire Phoenix (phirephoenix) wrote in cbgeekfest,
Phire Phoenix

Carleton trip

This is from mr. B himself: get on bus at 9:10, leave around 9:15. Meet at the coffee break place around 9:40. there will be a roll call.

Part time job

Teresa has said that she wants to hire another casual worker. You'd be looking at Saturday mornings and maybe Sundays (since I'm busy Saturday mornings and we need someone for Sundays anyway). depending on the week/how busy it is, around 4-6 hours a week. Casual. Have to be bilingual and can work with kids. Either way, drop your resume off at 1999 St. Joseph (Hand Painted). M'looking at you, Anne =P


For those who care, CB emails are now (they just changed it, I think) instead of Saves you a couple of bounced emails =P
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