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Eep! I need help for my EE!

Yeahh it's still a bit late to do research and stuff, but I need to get started, right? Anyway, I'm doing my extended essay on Louise Bourgeois' sculpture, Maman. You all know about it; many of you did that silly TOK summer art assignment and had to answer questions about it. Well anyway, I need to know about how people felt about the sculpture when it first came out in May 2005, and I'd also like to know how you feel about it now. So yeah, I have a little questionnaire with a few questions. It would mean so much to me (see, I even used bold!) if you guys can fill it out the best you can (meaning no silly answers! Full sentences, good spelling, etc. I'm perfectly serious; less corrective work for me to do. Plus it makes you sound cooler). It shouldn't take long at all. All I need is your honest opinions!

Louise Bourgeois’ Maman is 30-foot-tall bronze sculpture of a spider carrying 26 white marble eggs under her belly. It was mounted outside of the National Gallery of Canada during the week of May 9, 2005. It is the last of the series of six bronze Maman sculptures that can (or could) be found around the world. When this piece was first installed, it stirred up some mixed opinions (i.e. some people thought it was ugly, it cost too much money, some admired it, etc.)

1- How did you first find out about Maman?
a) From the news
b) From word of mouth
c) I saw it with my own eyes.
d) Other

2- When you found out about Maman, what was your reaction? (Hint: for help, look at the intro.)

3- What was your impression of the piece when you first saw it up close? Emotionally, how did you feel about it? After taking some time looking at the sculpture, going around it, touching it, did you feel differently about it? How?

4- Further comments (anything else I should know? *nudge nudge*):

Sorry if the questions sound too much like the ones we had to answer for that TOK assignment >
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