Phire Phoenix (phirephoenix) wrote in cbgeekfest,
Phire Phoenix

PotC 2!

as the title says, Pirates 2.

so the tentative date to see that movie is next Sunday (the 16th) in the evening at Silvercity at Gloucester. The times are 5:30, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:30. Since many of us work, I'm guessing the last two are out of the picture, so 5:30, 7, or 8.

Let me know which one you people prefer, and whether it's just dinner, or dinner + movie, or whatever the hell you guys want to do. so far the people interested/able to come are Ben, Alicia, Eric, and Kim. any other takers?
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*is going on tuesday and is excited*
hee, have fun! =D
dinner and a movie is good. we can go to Casey's -- right near Silvercity, relatively cheap, and the exact quality of food you'd expect (i.e. variable, within the range of 'good-y decent'). :D
hahahahaha new pornographers night.

sorry, that got me so excited! I remembered that the 16th is the NP and I'm mad excited. >< so I'm not coming. and you probably don't care about the NP, but I do! wee!
hahah, have fun that day then =D
rofl. I'd tell you to come to the movie, but y'know... =D we shall hang out when you get back. <3
errrr i need to be home by 10 at the very latest, and so pickup at 9:30 therefore, i am rooting for the 2 earlier ones. if we go for dinner before, we can go to the 7 o'clock one.
the 7 o'clock one tentatively then. and I guess I should just get people to meet at 5 at blair and we can figure dinner out from there, or something.
yeah, don't waste your time seeing that movie. :p
*was bored*
oh well, at least I get to hang out with people. *is bored*

homg, we need to hang out. =D
if you can find time in my busy hectic schedule, be my guest. like, seriously. i just got home, and now i have to go to work for twelve. until nine. GAR GAR GAR.
Since I probably can't come, you. Me. Hanging out some other time.

Or else. Beotch.