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HL Math Investigation

Is anybody else having trouble getting their calculator screenshot onto the computer? I have a TI-84 Plus, and when I do the screen capture, I just get a blank image. I even upgrated the operating system and such.

I found some very poor PC program to do the graphs here. But I'd much prefer getting my calculator in order.

I think this would also be a nice place to discuss other investigation related stuff such as what to write in the investigation.

I'm thinking its important to define in what cases the quartic will actually be a "W" shape. (f"(x) the discriminant has to be bigger than 0..?) And just provide some "W" shapes looking down, etc. And tryyy to present it in a general form.
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Nope, I'm having no problems. Have you tried using a different USB port? And check if any dust or dirt has gotten into the ports and blocked up connectors and such. I'm using the TI ScreenCapture software that came with the calc and it works fine.
if f"(x) gives you two real distinct roots.