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Cue the music...

This community has been slightly dead and I have some quotes that I want to list off before I forget them... so feel free to add anything  =)

Radi: ... Indeed.
Chartrond: *pause* You sounds exactly like my son when you said that.
Radi: Is that a bad thing? Cause I'm assuming that you love your son...

Anne: So, are you actually going to teach us something today?
Chartrond: Excuse me? Are you implying that I never teach you anything?
Anne: Well, no but we haven't been doing much these past couple of days. You even said so yourself... You're going to murder me aren't you?
Chartrond: ... That's right.
Anne: Well, bring it.
Chartrond: Oh! Bringing out the fighting words now aren't you?
Anne:... I should really bring my grades up before I start that, shouldn't I?
Chartrond: I think that would be a wonderful idea.

Anne: *after returning Morgan's bag to her* You're a moron Dan.
Pall: He's not a moron! Who are you?
Anne: The ex-girlfriend, so I can say whatever I want.
Pall: *pulls Morgan to her side* I think... (dramatic pause) that the stars come out and shine because of Daniel.

Advertisment: You think Terry Fox is great? That sucker quit! Vote for Alexander Graham Bell!
Alexander Graham Bell: I am waiting for yooooouuuu!
....moments later
Andrew's Cellphone: *plays bagpipe music*
Class: *confusion abound*....*burst out laughing*
Leach: ANDREW! *shakes head and holds out hand*
Andrew: Continues looking for cellphone...
Leach: That is the more horrible ringtone I have ever heard! Who would be calling you in the middle of class?
Aidan: Alexander Graham Bell!

Kinda lame but hey. Correct me for any of these if I'm wrong.
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